Stereo head sets


Widely used by motorcyclists but equally popular for walkers, joggers, rowers or any application where clear sound in a noisy environment is desired. Only our stereo wire units deliver crystal clear sound even at high speeds directly into your ears through our custom made earplugs.


We Pride ourselves on making the best music monitors and with an ever changing industry we continue to evolve our custom made products even further.  Our latest version of the Recreational Stereo Headset, is now on a shorter lead.  But we do supply an extention cable for those that still require the older length.



With having the cable now shorter it opened up a way for us to go even further in our customization for our customers.  Now you can also puchase an in-line volumne control or even an in-line button micorphone that works with most smart phones




Featuring a Knowles balanced musician driver and a tough wiring harness with a standard 3.5mm gold connector will plug in to Ipods, MP3 players Mp4 players, GPS and can be connected to a variety of on board communication systems such as Sena, Autocom, Star Com etc. with a simple connector.


The Stereo head sets need to be connected to our custom made earplugs.



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