Do you struggle to get a decent nights sleep? 

Trying to sleep with a snoring partner, noisy neighbour or a loud environment?

We all need to get a good night sleep of at least six to eight hours per day if we are to function properly. Our Custom Fit Sleepers plugs are great for shift workers who need to sleep during the day and are effective at reducing the sound of your partners snoring. Our Custom Fit Sleepers plugs reduce ambient noise, but will still allow you to hear smoke alarms and sirens.

Our Custom Fit Sleepers plugs are custom made by injecting a medical grade silicone directly into your ear, and can be worn comfortably within the ear all night and will remain soft and pliable for many years. As our Custom Fit Sleepers plugs are made directly into your ear, there is no added expenses of visiting an Audiology Clinic to get an impression made and sent away then waiting weeks for your earplugs.

We make them on the spot and you can take them with you in about 45 minutes.

Our Custom Fit Sleepers plugs conform to Australian AS/NZS 1270–2002 standards and have a 2 year limited warranty.