Swimming & Water sports



Need to keep water out of your ears and keep them dry?

Our Custom Fit Swimmers plugs are made on the spot and creates a water tight seal keeping your  inner ear cannal dry. This is achieved by using the ear as the mould so we get a "tissue to tissue fit" enabling a snug comfortable fit that wont fall out. They are made on the spot and ready for use in about 45 minutes and will last for many years.

Can be used for.



  • Swimming
  • Water Sking
  • Jetsking
  • Snorkeling
  • bathing
  • showering


Great for young childern with grommets, they are made on the spot and are very comfortable to wear.
They are waterproof, Hygenic and will help prevent burst surfing_plugs_400eardrums from heavy contact with water.
Ideal for use in public swmming pools to help prevent ear infections.

Call us now to arrange a personal fitting or if you are in a local swimming club give as a shout if you would like us to attend your local event.