Industrial accounts looking for an excellent cost effective solution in protecting their employees, look no further than our Custom Fit Industrial

Custom Fit Industrial plugs continue to be recognized worldwide as the leader in proven "on-the-spot" protection. This fact has been even more recognized now with hearing loss litigation and testing, Industrial accounts are looking for an excellent cost effective solution in protecting their employees hearing.
Custom Fit Industrial plugs provide employees with the ultimate in comfort and satisfaction as they are custom made to the employee's own ear. Remaining flexible and soft throughout their lifetime,  Custom Fit Industrial plugs will provide several years of use. This eliminates the amount of discomfort employees face with the typical supplied foam earplugs when they try to expand back to their original shape and the constant pressure of earmuffs.

Custom Fit Industrial plugs will also reduce the amount a company would annually spend on hearing protection requirements. With a lifespan of more than 2 years depending on use, working environment and employee care. A quick cost comparison reflecting the widely used "uncorded" foam disposable earplug at $1.00 per day versus a set of "corded" Insta-Mold's. This example makes a conservative assumption that an employee will use  two to three pairs of "uncorded" foam plugs each day for a total year of 240 work days, approximately $240 per worker per year. Now multiply that by the number of employees at your place of work.

We only need your employee for about 10 minutes so they can quickly return to work, once the Custom Fit Industrial plugs are made we then clean, buff and coat the earplugs and then return them to the employee so they continue working productively while protecting their hearing. The earplugs are generally ready for use the same day if not the very next day.


Fully Tax Deductable

Approved by Workcover Authority Certificate of Approval No: 2007

                                                   Approved Equipment: CJC Certificate No: 90501


Earplug Rating: SLC80 Rating 28 - Class 5


Approved to AS/NZS 1270–2002 Acoustics- Hearing Protection



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