Custom Fit Hearing Protection
Custom Fit Hearing Protection is committed to supplying quality hearing protection for the hearing, occupational health and recreational markets. We represent Earmold Australia  in Brisbane and throughout Queensland with their range of Insta-mold custom silicone earplugs and associated hearing healthcare products. Custom Fit Hearing Protection was established in 2004 and run by Daniel with over 10 years in the Industry. 
Insta-mold earplugs can be used for hearing protection within industry, sporting, shooting, motor sports, sleeping, swimming, medical and recreational applications and can be teamed up with our range of electronic devices to offer enhanced listening or personal communication for recreational and security uses.
  • Made on the spot in our office - in your home - in the work place - at one of the many shows or trade events we attend
  • Comfortable - designed for long periods of use
  • Water tight seal - ideal for children with grommetts or just keeping water out of your ears whilst swimming. Can prevent burst eardrums upon heavy contact with water - jet ski - water skiing
  • Ease of self fitting and removal
  • Long lasting - up to 2 years warranty
  • Hygienic - easy to clean
  • Noise reduction by approximately 40 decibels
  • Stops wind noise while motorcycle riding - adapt our stereo speakers and listen to your favourite music or hook up to your GPS unit for crystal clear instruction.
  • Shooting - get rid of the crack from the gun but still hear the call of the target
  • Sleeping - quiet and comfortable while drowning out those noisey neighbours or your snoring partner
  • Easily adapts to most communication equipment - two-way radios, blue tooth, mobile phones, GPS, Ipods and MP3's
Other products available
  • Hearplugz dual filtered earplugs
  • Insta - putty disposable silicone - self make plugs
  • Ringstop tinnitus prevention
  • Filtered earplugs
  • Music monitors high fidelity units for musicians
  • Motor racing monitors for drivers, riders and pit crews 
  • Sena Bluetooth Headsets